Review: Vegan Gower Cottage Brownies

Gower Cottage has a brilliant reputation for making baked goods - do these vegan brownies live up to it?

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If you're British, into your sweet treats and (like me!) a massive chocoholic, you'll have no doubt heard of the Swansea-based company Gower Cottage. It's gained a reputation for making brilliant baked goods over the years, with regular customers including Richard Curtis, Emma Freud, Phil Jupitus and the Welsh rugby team among others! It now makes a vegan version of its classic brownies and, since my mum had bought a pack of them to try out, I thought I might as well get stuck in too!

First of all, I absolutely love the packaging of these brownies. It's pretty clear that Gower Cottage has put a lot of effort into the presentation of it all. It's got an almost traditional chocolate box style to the whole thing (except it's in a cardboard box, of course!) and the brownie is wrapped really well inside. As you'd expect, the "made in Wales" is displayed very proudly on the top of the box, as well as a quote on the side reminding you of Gower Cottage's homespun origins in one of Britain's most beautiful places.

As for the brownies themselves, they're absolutely fantastic. They're very soft and fudgy and have a great super chocolatey taste, as a chocolate brownie should. It's going to be pretty hard for you to not eat too many of them! The fact that these brownies are 100% vegan doesn't make them any less tasty, either. They just taste like really, really nice chocolate brownies. I'd be willing to bet actually that in a blind test people wouldn't be able to tell that they were made without using any dairy or eggs! They absolutely live up to Gower Cottage's reputation for making fantastic brownies.

If you can get your hands on a pack of these brownies, I would absolutely recommend you give them a go! If you don't fancy the vegan brownies I tried out here, there are several different options available including the regular recipe brownies, chocolate orange brownies and walnut brownies. You can also get a 6-month subscription purchase for each of the different flavours, meaning that you'll get new boxes of lovely brownies on the regular!

absolutely fantastic brownies that live up to Gower Cottage's stellar reputation

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Comments (5)

  • Love this idea as even though I don't go out of my way to buy Vegan Brownies from scratch need a load og eggs. Any idea on what they use as a sub?

      13 days ago
    • I think they used some kind of bean paste type thing as an egg substitute

        12 days ago
  • Oooo that looks incredible

      12 days ago
  • I've tried vegan bakes from local shops and they've all tasted weirdly floury and bland, so I'm relieved there is a good version about (I think brownies make up 90% of my diet)

      13 days ago