Review: Which mayo is the best?

My extensive mayo review

Doug F posted in Food Fun
10w ago

I want to start off by saying this could be a long article. I wanted to make sure I gave as fair of a review as I could. I hope you all find this helpful or at least interesting.

Four of these are commonly found in every grocery store where I live. Kewpie is the only one that can not be found in a store and has to be ordered off Amazon.

Kewpie is in the middle

Kewpie is in the middle

The color test

Let's start with the looks and color of each. The top left is Duke's brand, Hellmann's in the top right, Heinz in the bottom left, Kraft in the bottom right and Kewpie in the middle. The Kraft and Heinz are just a slight off white color. The Duke's and the Hellmann's have a slightly yellowish color while the Kewpie is definitely the most yellow by far.

Now for a sniff...

Let's give them a smell and see what we can notice. Duke's has a very tangy vinegar smell, I was not expecting that. Hellmann's seems completely odorless, really was not expecting that. Kraft a very slight tangy smell with a noticeable plastic/ petroleum smell, I found that a little off putting. Heinz has a hint of an egg smell with a little vinegar as well. Kewpie smells like boiled egg yolks with just a slight hint of tang.

The initial taste test

Yes I did try a small taste of each and this is what I tasted. Duke's tasted fatty with a good bit of vinegar. Hellmann's has a very oily slightly sour taste. Kraft has a light saltiness and that plastic/ petroleum taste. Heinz has a slight sweet and salty flavor with a little bit of vinegar. Kewpie it honestly tastes like boiled egg yolks with just a hint of tanginess.

Taste test: the deep dive. AKA mayo on fries

I decided make up some fries and see which one I preferred. I did put a little salt and several shakes of cayenne on the fries as I normally do. To be honest the Hellmann's, Heinz and Kraft just seemed like mayo on fries, nothing really special. I found I really liked the Duke's with fries โ€“ that strong vinegar flavor really played well here and would probably be my pick for fries. Kewpie was rather surprising. I did not think the strong egg flavor would work well here but it kind of tasted like eggs and fried potatoes. I know it sounds odd but even my wife agreed with me.

Taste test three: Egg salad time

For the final test I decided to make a little egg salad from each. I used the same amount of ingredients so the only difference is the mayo. Hellmann's was a little disappointing. The flavor of it got lost and seemed to also hide the other ingredients while being rather oily. Heinz was not as oily and added a nice light tang, but did slightly overpower the other ingredients. Kraft was rather overpowering masking all other flavors.

Duke's was the real shocker here. Honestly it tasted as though it made the egg go rancid. After just a couple of bites I had to stop due to the rancid taste. This was also confirmed by my wife who after the first bite was ready to trash the whole sample โ€“ which we did.

Kewpie really was the winner here by a long way and was the first sample finished. The egg flavor of the Kewpie really enhanced the eggs and also allowed the other ingredients to come through as well. It also did not have the oiliness of the others. It would definitely be my top choice here.

The results

I do want to say I have been eating Kraft mayo for over fifteen years and it's still a go to mayo in our house. I also want to add that you all know Kewpie has recently become my new favorite.

Is Kewpie the best for everything? No, but it works for anything. FoodTribe I do not see much changing: a jar of Kraft mayo will probably be in the fridge and there will always be a bottle of Kewpie right beside it.

I hope you all found this interesting at least. What is your favorite mayo you all? Tell me in the comments below. Stay wonderful FoodTribe! I love you all!

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  • Hellmanns. Fight me bro. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

      2 months ago
  • Hellmanns or nothing. Suggesting others are superior are fighting words lol ๐Ÿ˜†

      2 months ago
  • Hellmannโ€™s but it do like Kewpie for certain things. Use it a lot.

      2 months ago
    • Hellmann's is a popular choice that is for sure. Kewpie is amazing in its own right.

        2 months ago
  • Good review! Very comprehensive!

    I am a Duke's man, but I want to try the Kewpie.

      2 months ago
    • Thanks John! I try. I literally just learned about Duke's before the review. Kewpie changed my whole mayo perspective.

        2 months ago
  • Has to be hellmanns

      2 months ago