Rhianna could be releasing a line of Fenty kitchenware

Her company has quietly filed a trademark for a new cuilnary-based venture

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Since the release of her 2016 album ANTI, Rhianna has been expanding her interests away from music and into other business ventures. In fact, she hasn't released any new music at all since that album, choosing instead to focus on becoming a fully-fledged businesswoman. Her Fenty beauty brand has been a huge hit and, if a trademark her company has filed recently is anything to go by, the Barbadian pop singer looks like she's going to be bringing out a line of kitchenware.

A Rhianna fan account did some detective work and found out that her company (Roraj Trade LLC) had filed a trademark for a new venture called "SORRY I'M BOOKED" which, according to the filing, will cover "tableware, namely forks, knives, and spoons," as well as some other kitchen and kitchenware-related categories including "publications dealing with culinary topics." This means that Rhianna's latest venture could cover everything from cutlery and cooking utensils to food-related magazines and cookbooks. If you're a huge Rhianna fan who also loves their food, this is some seriously exciting stuff.

Rhianna's relative exit from the music industry combined with the discovery of this new food and kitchen-related venture prompted this great tweet from a fan that I found absolutely hilarious:

Yes, it may not be new music she's going to be giving us next, but food is the next best thing after all.

There isn't much other information out there about Rhianna's new business venture, but if a trademark has been filed for it already we should expect to hear at least something about it fairly soon. Maybe we'll be seeing some very fancy Fenty kitchenware in stores across the world by 2021?

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