Richard Hammond visits the Volkswagen sausage factory

They make more sausages than cars...

Ben Welham posted in Meat
2y ago

As a part of the 'Richard Hammond's Big' tv show, he has visited the Volkswagen factory over in Wolfsburg, Germany to take a look at something which you might not have expected.

Normally one would associate Wolfsburg, Hammond and Volkswagen with cars but not in this case. This time, Hammond has come to see the Volkswagen sausage factory to get a closer look at the company within Volkswagen who make more sausages than they do cars.

It also happens to be the only car factory in the world which produces its own sausages. Hardly a surprise. But it makes you wonder what other companies could make on the side. Tesla fries? Mercedes pattys? Pagani pizzas?

Did you know this existed?

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Comments (3)

  • Standby for the VW pig emissions scandal...

      2 years ago
  • Oh my...all the jokes...i work at a meat market...between my car and the sausages i never stop laughing 🤣

      2 years ago