Ricotta & Salmon Rice Cakes: An easy and dainty seafood snack

One of my favorite ways for how to eat rice cakes for a tasty and easy snack is the savory one. This idea is good for breakfast or snacks.

4w ago

You can use white rice cakes too. This crunchy and easy to assemble dish is always my 'go-to' snack. I have used some fresh ricotta cheese and smoked salmon and kept it really simple. I know there are plenty of ideas out there to make your rice cakes tempting.

I have used some Basil Leaves, Dried Cranberries, Sunflower Seeds, Cherry tomatoes, and some BBQ sauce for garnish.

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  • Believe it or not, this comes just at the right time for me, since I'm about to enter my own #trysomethingnew challenge with rice cakes, which I'm sure I'm not gonna love to eat by themselves. Mainly because they look like styrofoam 😅 But I LOVE SALMON and this looks like a good combo. 🤩

      27 days ago
    • You are right, for some reason I havent tried rice cake by themselves, always with some toppings. Will wait for your challenge 🙂. Thank you for the appreciation Vencolini.

        27 days ago
    • Better yet - enter the challenge. Try something new, something that you have been curious, but reluctant to try. Post a photo or a video with your reaction and the hashtag #trysomethingnew in the title until 15th of October. The most sincere...

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        27 days ago
  • This is a good tip! I love rice cakes, I eat them plain 😅.

      28 days ago
  • Very easy on the eyes 👀, most also taste great 👍 👌 😋

      28 days ago
  • I like rice cakes dipped in sweet chilli sauce

      28 days ago
  • Nice idea!

      27 days ago