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R​igatoni with pesto, broccoli and salmon

1y ago
- E​asy to make, healthy and delicious... Winning on all levels!

W​hen I feel the need to eat nice and healthy that doesn't mean I want to eat something boring and deny myself of tasty food. I start by making a pesto not traditional but very good all the same. I use blanched almonds, Parmesan, a bit of garlic and wait for it frozen peas thawed out (this goes really well with the fish), olive oil, a small squeeze of lemon and some sea salt. I put rigatoni in boiling salted water for about three minutes then add the broccoli for about five, in the meantime i pan fry the salmon, remove it from the pan, put some pasta water into the same pan to cool it down then add the broccoli, rigatoni, pesto and toss them all together, spoon everything onto a plate, put the salmon on top with a squeeze of lemon... nice with a glass of crispy white!

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