Yu Ting Yau posted in BBQ
13w ago

Right! as requested bbq isn’t complete unless you have some amazing sides.
Apart from my amazing potato salad!
My other secret side is bbq corn on the cob!

Simply smother your raw corn with a little oil and apply a dry rub of,
Chilli flakes
And salt and pepper.

Place it on some heavy duty foil and before you wrap it up nice and tight add a knob of butter on top.
Then wrap it nice and tight and place on the bbq once your coals are nice and hot.

This will take 20 mins so put them on first and let time do it’s magic, keep rotating them every so often to ensure an even cook.

Boom #sidesmatter

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Comments (2)

  • I need to try this now!

      3 months ago
  • That sounds like some amazing flavor to the corn!

      3 months ago