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Robin goes meatless: Making Broccoli Pizza

With loads of Cheese.

Robin Ho posted in Pizza
4w ago

Usually, I like Food with Meat in it. Today, and yesterday as well, I was absolutely not in the Mood for that.

In Fact, I really wanted to make something without it. And since I really do love me some nice Broccoli, I decided to make myself some Pizza with it.

It was so good.

It was so good.

Any good Pizza has a handful of given Ingredients, like the Dough and some nice Tomato Sauce. For me, there also has to be some Cheese.

The Rest is up to anyone though. And so I did not went with just Broccoli, but I also added some beautiful Hollandaise Sauce on Top the usual Base. That actually goes really well with the Greens.

This Time around, I actually used pre-grated Cheese because I do not own a Box Grater yet. But that will change some day. I went with a Pizza mix by the way.

Loads of Oregano.

Loads of Oregano.

With some ground Oregano added on Top of my Pizza, it was ready to go into the oven for a long 25 Minutes.

In the End, the Wait was absolutely worth it though. My Pizza was delicious, and much better on the second Batch today. I had used to much Cheese yesterday and did not leave it in the Oven long enough.

This Time around, it was pretty much perfect though. Maybe that was also because my Broccoli had thawed out over Night in the Fridge.

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