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R​obin's Burgers: So I tried to make a Juicy Lucy

S​he is not a beauty, but the Taste was out of this World.

Robin Ho posted in Burgers
7w ago

J​ust last Week, I made a real nice Smash Burger. It was juicy and crispy and everything good there is. I also made a YouTube Video about that, and it got a whole lot of Comments from one particular Person: The Burger God himself, Doug F.

I​n those Comments, he confessed that he loves a good Juicy Lucy. He also said that it would be easy to make one. So I had to try that for my self. And I had failed with that once already, a few Years back.

B​ut what even is a Juicy Lucy, one might ask?

T​he short answer is that she is a beautiful Cheeseburger, where the Cheese does not go on Top of the Meat. It goes into a Pocket right in the middle of it. Ans sometimes also on Top.

I​t all started on Cedar Avenue in Minneapolis in the 1950ies, and her Invention is claimed by two Bars: The 5-8 Club and Matts Bar. Maybe they are both right, but no one can know for sure.

A​s for the Name: Urban Legend has it that the Burger was invented by a Customer at one of the Places, who after biting into his Creation exclaimed: "Oooh, that's one Juicy Lucy!"

A​ll my Ingredients. (I did not use the Onion today. I simply forgot about it.

A​ll my Ingredients. (I did not use the Onion today. I simply forgot about it.

L​eaving History aside, making a Juicy Lucy really is not that Hard if you know how it is done. All you need are two half Patties to put the Cheese in between, one of them being a bit larger than the other.

T​hose tow than need to be sealed good to prevent the Cheese from leaking out and burning, that would be no good.

U​sually, American Cheese is used for the filing, but I went with Gouda. And since I had purchased too much Cheese, I also put some on Top of the Patty while cooking it.

S​o nice

S​o nice

T​oday, my outside Cheese melted nicely, but I was impatient and had the Flame on too high to get the Inside perfectly done. My Burger almost burned on the Outside while it was not completely done just yet.

T​hat did not matter to me though, it was still very delicious. But since a Burger is always more than just the Beef and Cheese, there was of Course more to it. Only that I totally forgot to use my nice, fresh 10¢ Onion.

T​oday, I went with a nice, soft Brioche Bun and a dash of bought Hamburger Sauce. T​hat Sauce is full of Flavour. It Contains Onions, Pickles Chilly and Tomato Paste. I really do like it a lot. Especially since it Brings some Heat with it.

T​here was also a little 'Name the Dish' Challenge a few hours ago, where you could try and see what my Dinner was for some Tribe Coins.

There were a whole lot of Guesses, but only Filipa Santos came close. But since she technically was till wrong, she only got Bim's 10 Tribe Coins.

T​he Foto was not very good though, and the Burger was not the most beautiful Thing I had ever created. It was very delicious though, and in the End, that is all I care about.

A​lso, it all fell apart when I attempted to cut the Burger in two for the Video.

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Comments (21)

  • I greatly appreciate the mention! I am very happy you give her another chance and I must say definitely was not afraid of the cheese. A Juicy Lucy is quite the temptress. 😁

      1 month ago
    • Very true. And also delicious 😋

        1 month ago
    • Yes indeed and that is why it is one of my favorites

        1 month ago
  • Ah! That is a juicy Lucy 😅. Any burger with cheese is a 🧀 🍔 for me 😂

      1 month ago
  • Juicy Lucy looks amazing 🤤 I had no idea it was a "thing"! Still, thanks for the tribecoins 😁

      1 month ago
  • Looks great and will go down good with glass of ale and good game of football (EURO is on now) or ice hockey!

      1 month ago
  • I almost guessed that...

      1 month ago