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R​obin's Kitchen: Making a Smash Burger

I​ got it more right this Time around.

1w ago

A​ while ago, I partook in Sir John's Dish Naming Challenge and created the Doug Burgler, named after Doug F, Fulana Food Burgler and, by Proxy John Coleman himself.

I​ had intended for it to become a Smash Burger, but Things had not turned out exactly as planned. The Burger was still very much delicious though.

S​ince I still wanted to make a 'real' Smash Burger though, I just did that today. And it actually kinda worked this Time. I just needed to apply much more Force to my Spatula!

T​his Time around, my Burger was also not as bare-bones as the Doug Burgler was. That was only Beef, Cheese, some Remoulade and a Bun after all. All I added was a beautiful Onion though. And a little more Pepper.

S​o Nice

S​o Nice

A​ll Day today, I had wondered what to Cook. I just was not sure that it was the right Time. But than I remembered that it is ALWAYS Burger Time, and I just went trough with it.

L​ast Time, I had used some Irish Cheddar, but today I was in the Mood for Mozzarella , and so I did just that.

S​ince I bought the Beef where I also bought for my Philly Cheese Steak back in the Day, and since most other Ingredients were the same as well, it actually tasted kinda similar, but also very different.

T​he great Thing about a Smash Burger is that it has the best of both Sides within it. There are 'burned' crispy Edges, but also juicy Bits right in the Middle, where the Patty is still a bit thicker.

A​nd in my Eyes, Cheese is just a must on almost every good Burger. Onions are a great addition as well though. They just add so much Flavour to the Meat, just as Salt & Pepper do.

T​oday, I made one double Burger, but since I had formed three Beef-Balls to be smashed, I actually made on extra to eat just by itself. Effectively, I had a Burger with my Burger, just like Others might have Chips/ French Fries.

S​o delicious.

S​o delicious.

I​ also did not went with a normal soft Burger Bun today. Instead, I bought some so called 'Rose Buns'. They have that Name because they kinda look like Roses from the Top.

T​hey are more traditional Rolls, and I just wanted some Bite today. I think my Choice was good, as the Burger was very well eatable and very delicious. I just absolutely loved my Creation, that has no Name as of yet.

M​aking that Burger was not that Enjoyable today though, as my Kitchen was right in the Path of the Evening Sun, and it was very warm in there.

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