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Robin’s Kitchen: Making some delicious Sucuk Pizza

And I used plenty of it.

Robin Ho posted in Pizza
1w ago

Sometimes, I really love Pizza. That is especially true when I actually made it myself. Doing so is also a lot of Fun.

Today, I decided to make a ‘special’ Pizza that I did not have for a very long Time.

My Pizza.

My Pizza.

Usually, I would make Pizza with Salami or even Broccoli. But since I rediscovered Turkish Sucuk at the Supermarket, I decided to go with that.

Sucuk is deliciously garlicky Sausage that actually goes well with a lot of Things.

One of my favourites would be scrambled Eggs. Or Pizza.

Still on the Baking Sheet.

Still on the Baking Sheet.

Of Course Pizza also needs Cheese and Dough. And there I cheaped out a little. But the Pizza Packs (Dough and Sauce) from my local Supermarket is actually quite good.

For the Cheese I bought some pre-grated Mozzarella, but I only did that because I do not own a Cheese Grater.

The Sausage.

The Sausage.

In the End, my Sucuk Pizza was absolutely Delicious. The Sucuk had cooked really nicely and was actually a bit crispy. I really like that.

And the Rest of the Pizza also tasted very good. And I really had a lot of Fun making it.

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Comments (8)

  • I am having fun guessing how to say sucuk😄

    This pizza looks really tasty!

      11 days ago
    • The Turkish pronounce it like this ['sudʒuk], if that helps at all. The c makes a bit of a sch sound. Like when you are being shushed at the Library.

      And it was extraordinarily flavourful. Even without adding any Oregano.

        11 days ago
  • Love pizza too Robin 🍕😋👍🏼

    This one sounds fantastic with the Turkish garlicky meat on it, Yum!!!

      11 days ago
  • Looks delicious!

      10 days ago
  • That's really is one !!!

      10 days ago