Rock out with KFC's festival bucket hats

They cost slightly more than a steaming bucket of real chicken.

James Lewis posted in BBQ
7w ago

Apart from the question “when is Oasis getting back together?”, Liam Gallagher is known for one thing: bucket hats.

Despite his international music fame and astonishing tweets, the 90s rock legend is significantly defined by his dress sense, which has inspired many Indie fans and wannabe hippies.

Alas, blending in with the crowd is unlikely to generate many Instagram likes, meaning that the shroud of sanctity that Liam provides must be shattered for the greater good of social media addiction. Thankfully, KFC has manufactured just the thing.

The Colonel and his team of meat munchers have developed KFC bucket hats for the impending promised return of music gigs and festivals.

Available in the traditional colours of either red or white – and featuring an image of an overflowing Bargain Bucket – the exclusive fashionwear can be plucked for £19.99 each (with at least £7 from every purchase being donated to Comic Relief).

However, if you’re still trapped in the depths of winter – like Texas seemingly will be for the rest of time – the kings of Kentucky are also flogging four different beanie hats (or chicken blankets if you want to make them doubly useful). With starting prices of £14.99, 10% of each woolly hat’s sale price will be gifted to charity.

The hats are the latest accessory to the KFC clothing range. Last year, the fast food giant launched a range of branded t-shirts and jumpers as well as a limited edition run of chicken-scented Crocs. That's one wardrobe Aslan would not want to get near.

Although you're right to be clucking with joy at the mere thought of Kentucky-fried headgear, if you truly are tired of the status quo it's time you tried out some really radical fashion: get yourself a greasy tub of crispy fried chicken and stick that on your head. Compared to a tent clogged with slime and sick it will smell glorious.

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  • Comic relief is a great cause. Also, I genuinely want some of this merch! (Who doesn't want a bottle opener/phone case with a bucket of chicken on it or a fantastic, chicken themed Christmas jumper?!) KFC is a global brand, I'd like to buy some of this, and I'm happy to support the charitable contribution, they should open it up to the world, NZ has heaps of KFC nutters here who'd be super keen for sure!

      1 month ago