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Ron Howard is making a movie about star chef José Andrés

“A hot meal is comfort, dignity, hope — a sign that someone cares and that tomorrow will be better”

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You’ve probably heard about José Andrés by now. Not only is he a renowned chef, but he’s a dedicated humanitarian with a big heart. Andrés has been supporting people affected by Covid-19 right throughout the whole crisis – whether it’s by feeding people trapped on a cruise ship in the Bay Area or feeding medical professionals in Las Vegas.

As if that weren’t enough, Andrés’ organization World Central Kitchen is now connecting people who need meals with food workers who need jobs. It has committed to purchase one million meals from local restaurants and deliver them to Americans in need.

Now, Andrés’ heroic efforts have caught the attention of some Hollywood bigwigs. The chef is soon to be the very deserving subject of a documentary made by film-making dream-team Ron Howard and producer Brian Grazer.

In a partnership with National Geographic Documentary Films, the pair will chronicle Andrés and how his nonprofit rebuilds nations in the wake of disaster, providing healthy food to people who have been impacted (Andrés and WCK were doing this work long before Covid-19 was a thing).

The film will have exclusive access to WCK’s initiatives and archives, and explore the organization’s collaborations with local chefs to feed communities and first responders.

According to Deadline, Andrés said, “Serving people a plate of fresh food after a disaster is more than just about calories to fill them up. A hot meal is comfort, dignity, hope — a sign that someone cares and that tomorrow will be better. From Puerto Rico to the Bahamas to Mozambique, I’ve seen how important quick action and constant adaptation are to reach communities in need with the urgency of now. I’m excited to work with National Geographic, along with Ron and the Imagine team, to tell World Central Kitchen’s story and show how powerful food is in the fight to heal people and the planet.”

WCK has helped people in the aftermath of disasters all around the world, including Central America, South America, and last year in California. It has served over 16 million meals to date.

Howard said, “When we first started shooting Rebuilding Paradise, I was amazed to see the immediate impact that José and the World Central Kitchen team had on the citizens of Paradise, California, in the aftermath of the crippling fires that destroyed their town. And now, following him as he helps those most in need during this pandemic, I realized that the work he’s doing around the world is one of the most critical and oftentimes overlooked necessities in disaster relief. I’m honored to share his mission with audiences around the world.”

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