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Roundup: the best social media cookery shows to watch during lockdown

There’s no time like the present to hone those cooking skills

1y ago

If, like me, you’ve been counting the days since UK lockdown officially started, you’ll know that we’ve already been cooped up for a week and a sodding half – and annoyingly, it looks like we’ll all be stuck where we are for the foreseeable.

Going a bit stir crazy? Then why not channel all that pent-up energy into learning something new? Something… tasty?

Online cookery shows have been popping up left, right and centre lately – and with other forms of entertainment thin on the ground, there’s pretty much no excuse for you not to get up off the sofa and stick an apron on. Who knows? When you emerge from this quarantine chrysalis, you might be astonished to find yourself a fully fledged gastronomic butterfly. Imagine!

To help you on your way to culinary greatness, I’ve come up with a list of the best social media cookalongs out there. Which one do you fancy trying first?

The Michelin-starred one: Kitchen Quarantine with Massimo Bottura

That’s right – THE Massimo Bottura (as in, the multiple Michelin-starred super-chef from Italy). Like so many other eateries around the world, Mr Bottura’s flagship Osteria Francescana restaurant in Modena has closed its doors until further notice, leaving him free to entertain the masses on the regular.

Every night at 7pm (UK time), Massimo and his family come together to live-stream every step of their evening meal-making process. And the best part? The series focuses on simple family cooking, so you don’t have to spend your hard-earned on any outrageously fancy ingredients. So far, the Bottura clan have plated up dishes including Thai green curry, soup and tortellini – and as you can imagine, they all looked de-LISH.

Watch it: @massimobottura

The bready, bake-y one: Bread Ahead Bakery’s Live Home Baking

Want to master the art of baking buns, breads, baps and brioche? Then you’re in luck. The founder of Bread Ahead – an amazing bakery in London known for its insanely good doughnuts – is offering free Instagram tutorials every day at 2pm (again, UK time).

Can’t make it to the tutorials? No worries. You can catch up with each of the daily lessons in Bread Ahead’s Insta stories for 24 hours after they’re streamed.

So far, they’ve covered everything from their signature doughnuts to focaccia, grissini and Easter/FoodTribe favourite hot cross buns. Give it a go and succumb to the bready, heady aromas that will no doubt fill your kitchen. Mmmmmm.

Watch it: @breadaheadbakery

The Mexican one: Wahaca at Home with Thomasina Miers

Sometimes, home food doesn’t cut it, and only a street food fix will do. Fortunately for us, Thomasina Miers and the Mexican foodie experts at Wahaca have come up with a brilliant way of bringing the outside in: Wahaca at Home, a brand new Insta series.

And it’s not just about cooking. It’s about the whole street food shebang – from cocktails to playlists and fun things to do while you’re stranded with your family members.

You can find recent episodes at wahaca.co.uk/wahacaathome. Anyone for tortilla soup with feta and tortilla strips?

Watch it: @wahaca

The simple-to-follow one: Ruth’s Little Kitchen with Ruth Macintyre

Cooking novice? This is the show for you. Once you’ve had a few cookery lessons with baker extraordinaire Ruth Macintyre, you’ll have the skills to make loads of delicious things all on your tod. Take that, doubters!

Ruth says, “During this time I just want to be able to bring people together and for us to collectively grow as one community. I love cooking and baking and can only hope that this will spark a little bit of joy into the lives of those joining the sessions”.

Tune in on Mondays and Thursdays at 10am (UK time) and Ruth will share her wisdom on such subjects as scones, soda bread and cheese biscuits.

Watch it: @ruthslittlekitchen

The nicely spicy one: Storecupboard Suppers with Santosh Shah

Need a bit of colour, spice and variety in your life? Well, you’re in luck – because Santosh Shah, the talented executive chef behind London’s Saffron Circle Indian restaurant, has just dropped an all-new Facebook Live cookalong.

Each week, anyone following both @ChefSantoshShah and @SaffronCircleUK will be invited to comment their store cupboard ingredients – and then, as if by magic, Mr Shah will come up with a belter of a recipe for viewers to recreate at home.

The live cookery lessons are streamed on Saffron Circle’s Facebook page every Friday (with recipes being made available on Instagram and Facebook beforehand so viewers can follow along).

Watch it: www.facebook.com/saffroncircleuk/

The 'something from nothing' one: Quar Eye with Antoni Porowski

Kitchen cupboards full of slightly irregular ingredients during these testing times? Need advice on how to cobble together a normal-ish meal?

Don’t despair. Thankfully, a familiar food and wine expert is here to rescue you: Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye. And he’s hitting up Insta on the daily to share some cookery lessons with a self-isolating twist. Ladies and gents, welcome to ‘Quar Eye: Cooking Lessons in Quarantine’.

So far, there have been lessons on how to make snappy-sounding dishes like the ‘Keep Calm-lette’ (a yummy omelette with salsa on the side), ‘Zoodles with Meat S.O.S.’ (that’s ‘meat sauce’ to you and me) and ‘Stripped of My Sanity Chicken Strips’. What’s not to like?

Watch it: @antoni

What’s your favourite social media cookalong?

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  • Matty Matheson's YouTube is incredible. Great recipes and fun to watch.

      1 year ago
    • Ooh, I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the heads-up, Kyle 😊

        1 year ago
    • No problem! Fair warning: don't be shocked if it seems like he's hanging on by a thread, that's totally normal for him 😂

        1 year ago
  • I’m thinking of doing it too it looks fun.

      1 year ago
  • I loooove Massimo Bottura. Going to have to tune into that one.

      1 year ago