Roundup: This week's best foodie tweets

We can't go outside, but we can still go on Twitter

1y ago

It's been another strange old week, with many countries and cities around the world now on lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. So, to help break through the ennui of spending each day housebound, we've rounded up the finest foodie tweets to grace Twitter over the last seven days.

The virus may have taken our freedom away... but it'll never be able to take away our right to enjoy food-related tweets!

Comedian Matt Lucas shared a *very important* potato-related message

Nigella let us all in on a genius bread making hack

Ryan Reynolds came over all charitable (and honest)

Gordon Ramsay shared the secret to a delicious multitasking marinara sauce

Joe Buck did a play-by-play commentary on a man cooking wings in lockdown

This big-hearted chef came up with a plan to help feed vulnerable people

A rather appetising recipe came to light

Teenage distillery cats just wanted to be left alone

The ultimate drinking game was born

A naked man went to buy some sundries from his local Waitrose

And 'fried egg art' officially became a thing

Seen any other top-notch foodie tweets this week? Share them with us!

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