Royal cooks release Queen Elizabeth's birthday cake recipe

Queen Elizabeth turned 94 this week

1y ago

This was the first time in the Queen's near 70-year reign that no special measures were taken for her birthday. That's right, there was no marching, canon firing or waving. Don't worry, though. We can safely assume that HRH still had a day of delicious food, if nothing else.

That's because, to celebrate her birthday, The Royal Pastry Chefs released a recipe for delicious looking chocolate cupcakes on the Royal Family's official instagram.

In the post, they wrote, 'To celebrate The Queen's birthday we are sharing a chocolate cupcake recipe from The Royal Pastry Chefs.'

Normally, we're told the Queen likes a slice of chocolate cake on the big day, but since things are so different this year, the chefs have come up with a different dessert too. Cupcakes are not the most regal of sweets, but when iced as perfectly as these ones they certainly do seem fit for a Queen.

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