Royal Family's chef shares recipe for The Queen's favourite scones

Now you can snack like Royalty

39w ago

Lockdown hasn't been particularly kind to us. We are all missing the comforts of our favourite places to eat and having a good go at recreating it at home. There have been numerous attempts to make a passable KFC, I've never seen so many homemade McMuffins, and if ever you needed reminded of how much we all miss Greggs, there are some catastrophic sausage rolls to feast your eyes on.

Some of these places have heard our pleas and given us the recipes for their most popular items, Subway have been particularly kind. Wagamama even made videos with their head chef to show us how to recreate their iconic katsu.

Never one to let her people down, the most recent person to furnish us with a helpful recipe to get us through lockdown is Her Royal Highness, herself, Queen Elizabeth II.

Ok, it's actually her chef, but he assures us this recipe is the one the Queen likes most.

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  • Has I come from the West Country cream scone is the best❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      9 months ago