- rum soaked jerk pork medallions

Rum and Jerk pork medallions #rumchallenge

Pork medallions marinated in rum and jerk seasoning with mango and rum salsa

1w ago

So this is my entry for the #rumchallenge First of all I took the medallions and put them in a freezer bag and added 3 tablespoons of rum, 1 tablespoon of jerk seasoning and 1 tablespoon of olive oil and gave the bag a good shake and left it overnight to let the pork marinade.

For the salsa I took some diced mango in chunks and poured over a good drop of rum and let it marinade for a few hours. I then added diced cucumber, red onion, red chilli and coriander and gave it all a good mix.

I removed the pork from the bag and reserved the left over juices. I heated a griddle pan and cooked the pork, turning every 3 minutes and basting the meat with the left over juices each time I turned the meat over.

When cooked remove for heat and allow to rest. Serve with rice and the mango and rum salsa

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Comments (23)

  • Sounds amazing! What kind or rum did you use?

      10 days ago
  • A good thing to do to rum. ☺

      10 days ago
    • The second best thing to do with it, the first being to drink it lol. Thank you 😊

        10 days ago
    • You're most welcome. I can't drink alcohol, so I need to settle for vicariously watching others enjoy it. ☺ Though I must admit, even when I was able to partake, rum always struck me as a sort of fiery medicinal torture drink... not my cup of...

      Read more
        10 days ago
  • It looks delicious 🥺. I want some 🍽️ (with food).

      9 days ago
  • This sounds fantastic! I may need to try this myself. Was the rum a flavored rum?

      8 days ago
    • I used kraken. But I personally think this would work with a spiced rum or maybe a pineapple rum

        8 days ago
    • I literally just tried that for the first time a moment ago.😁

        7 days ago
  • This is mindblowing

      9 days ago