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S​ainsbury's hosts the best kind of dog's dinner

S​ainsbury's is hosting a 'Santa Paws' canine pop-up cafe, with all proceeds going to Guide Dogs

Laura Bowes posted in Pets
1y ago

A​ttention all dog-lovers! Now is your time to treat your hairy friends with their own Christmas dinner at Sainsbury's pop-up Christmas cafe.

Between Friday 13th - 15th December on Regent's Street, London, the supermarket is hosting a doggy pop-up to ‘Help Brighten a Million Christmases’. So show as much support as you can.

T​he doglicious feast will feature Sainsbury's own Festive Dinner for Dogs, which come in yummy flavours: a mixture of turkey, carrots and sage; or chicken, duck and turkey, so even the fussiest of dogs won't be able to turn it down.

In addition, dessert will follow in true festive spirit with Sainsbury’s Mince Pies for Dogs, a delightful combination of cereals, yoghurt and dried fruit. H​umans won't be missing out either, as you'll be greeted with a selection of Sainsbury's sensational sandwiches from their new range, along with a glass of fizz.

There's more to the Santa Paws dinner than food... there will be a professional doggy photographer on hand to capture all those pearly whites and canines!

T​ickets are now on sale and all proceeds will be donated to the charity Guide Dogs. The pop-up will cost just £5, with two owners and one dog costing £7.50. And you can always add another human to the list on arrival.

D​on't have a pup to join you? Don't worry, you can still get involved: Sainsbury's will be holding a special evening with their very own friendly dogs on Saturday 14th December.

Y​ou can buy your tickets here:

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  • Great idea! I'll be taking doggies for a festive feast

      1 year ago