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Sales of frozen turkeys increased 400% amid shortage fears

Brits will spend over £1b on frozen food this year

1w ago

It feels like we’ve spent the last 16-18 months reading about… shortages. It began with toilet paper, then it was semicondutor chips and fuel, and now Christmas turkeys. Sales of frozen turkeys are up by 400%, even though Christmas is still ten weeks away.

And that’s not the end of it because Iceland, one of Britain’s most popular supermarket chains, reports that the words ‘Christmas’ and ‘turkey’ have been searched over 17,000 times on their website since the beginning of October. The government knows this could be a potential issue and that’s why last month, it announced a plan to grant special temporary work visas to 5,500 poultry workers to enter the UK ahead of Christmas

According to the BFFF’s 2021 report (British Frozen Food Federation), Brits spent £872m last year and considering the increase in demand, they’ll likely spend over a billion pounds this year.

Richard Harrow, CEO of BFFF, said the rise in sales of frozen turkeys is further evidence “of a growing awareness of frozen food’s quality and convenience.”

”Many consumers have been permanently converted to buying more frozen products by the long shelf-life, value for money and variety of food on offer,” said Harrow. “This, combined with current concerns about food supply, means many people will be opting for frozen this Christmas.”

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Comments (3)

  • I hope that means duck or lamb will be on sale!

      3 days ago
  • Oh for Heavens sake! More distortion of statistics to prove sod all. At this time of the year, there really isn't a high sales volume of frozen turkeys. They're turned into all matter of partial turkeys, like legs, thighs, turkey steaks, pastes, and so forth. $))% of not a lot is still not a lot. It's bloody crap journalism like this that sets off panic buying in the first place! People don't stop to analyse what a statistic MEANS, they just zoom off and buy every damn turkey they can find. One for themselves and the rest to flog at a profit (they think... except life isn't that simple). There was NEVER an actual shortage of bog paper when the pandemic hit, just some headline grabbling bollox suggesting we'd go short of it because, well, WE WOULD... AAAAAH! Then every fool and their dog bought up the nations stock of arse wipes leaving the rest of us using cornflake cartons and plastic bags to clean up our rear ends.

      7 days ago
  • Oh my God 😱

      10 days ago