Salt Bae sparks fury with controversial menu in his NYC burger joint

Talk about bad marketing decisions

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Turkish chef and restaurateur Nusret Gökçe, widely known around the world as "Salt Bae", has recently opened a new burger joint in New York City, which made the news after food critic Adam Platt, contributing editor for New York magazine since 2000, posted a photograph of the restaurant's rather confusing and controversial menu.

Among the expected array of overpriced burgers, there's also a veggie burger with no listed price and a description that reads "Free for the ladies". The description was obviously deemed sexist but also bewildering. Like, are men going to pay for the burger or not?

Mojo Jojo on Unsplash

Mojo Jojo on Unsplash

Al Avci, general manager of the NY restaurant as well as every other Nusr-Et restaurant in the U.S., said that the burger is complimentary for everybody and that they just "wanted to compliment the ladies. In reality, nobody is paying for the veggie burger." Hey, giving free food is always a good idea but that phrase certainly doesn't sound like a good marketing strategy. They should've probably just put "FREE" in the description.

Anyway, the menu also features the famous $100 Gold Burger, with edible gold leaves, and a $99 Golden Shake. Having said that, a diet cake is $4.95 and an 'Easy Burger' is $9.99 and that sounds rather conventional.

Salt Bae opened his first "Nusr-Et" restaurant in Instabul in 2010 and became an internet sensation in 2017, following the release of a video in which he was "smoothly" cutting and seasoning meat. Salt Bae has been boosting his celebrity chef image by consistently sharing Instagram videos of famous athletes, actors and musicians dining in one of his venues. There are currently three Nusr-Et locations in the United States: a steakhouse and a burger joint in New York and a steakhouse in Miami.

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