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Samin Nosrat’s new podcast is exactly what we all need right now

The Salt Fat Acid Heat star helps us out with our quarantine cooking

1y ago

Samin Nosrat, the wise and wonderful chef behind Salt Fat Acid Heat, has just dropped a brand new podcast and we could not be more thrilled.

Home Cooking shares helpful tips and resources for all your quarantine cooking needs.

Nosrat made the Home Cooking with Hrishikesh Hirway, a musician and podcaster (you might know him from the excellent podcast Song Exploder).

The general idea is that listeners record a question or story about what they’re cooking while in quarantine, and Nosrat will attempt to answer it — with her signature wit and charm, of course.

Each episode will loosely center around an ingredient, and will be divided into four parts. As well as the listener-submitted questions, there will be celebrity guests.

The first episode has just dropped and let me tell you, it’s an absolute delight. It’s called Bean There, Done That and (yep, you guessed it), it’s all about beans. One caller wants Nosrat to address the ‘to soak or not to soak’ debate, while another is wondering whether garbanzo beans go off (spoiler alert: they basically don’t). The episode also features a chat with actor Josh Malina.

You can send in a question for a future episode of the Home Cooking podcast by recording a voice memo and sending it to alittlehomecooking@gmail.com, or call 201-241-COOK.

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  • i have to see her show! hear so much about it

      1 year ago