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We can create an alternative (?) or can we #SaveFoodTribe?

1w ago

Now that FT is about to disappear, I realize that human and professional capital is about to die. This is a pity.

So, I was wondering: who would be interested in creating a "cooperative" to open a site where all the people who wrote about FT converge?

It does not necessarily have to be a situation in which to make money, on the contrary, I think it would be impossible. But it could be a community situation in which we can all still be together. I know we've opened a Discord chat, but we all know it's not the same, right?

So ... to carry out this project we would need people with the following skills:

- web design

- web programming

- seo

- desire to continue the experience

- a little time

It wouldn't hurt someone who wrote the important stuff in decent English either, so not mine. Let me know, guys, it's just an idea, but I'm in.

It's complicated, I know, and it will never be the same, but the only alternative would be to launch a #SaveFoodTribe petition to ask Clarkson, Hammond and May to reconsider, maybe cancel the payments and let people continue to write for free. This is also a hypothesis. I await your reflections and virtually embrace you.

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  • I'm thinking that making an actual social media platform would be too expensive for regular folk. I googled some news articles and apparently Drivetribe and Foodtribe had been losing money like crazy from the very beginning - like millions... Bandwidth and web hosting ain't cheap, and as points out elsewhere in this thread, making a home for a bunch of high resolution images (not to mention video clips!) would not be not cheap. Not to mention the fact that running such a platform would be a full time job for several people - I don't know about you, but I don't know many people who can afford to work full time for free.

    I would have been willing to write on Foodtribe for free. I only made a bit over $20 from my promoted posts, but the writing was never about the money, which I gave away (some to Wikipedia and some to the 4H Club). I suspect that most of us would continue to write for free if it would save Foodtribe... but I also suspect that writers' fees were only a drop in the Tribe platform expenses.

    That being said, I think it would be doable to find a way to keep everyone connected, since the Foodtribers are the main attraction of Foodtribe. We're not losing the Tribe, we're just losing the homebase. My idea is that people should create content anywhere they please, and then have a new homebase, where everyone can share the content through links, some platform that is already established.

    Publishing content on the web is not a big deal. There are tons of places where people can individually create content: I kind of like Substack, which was created specifically for writers ( substack.com/ ) - if you are super confident in your writing skills, you can set up a subscription service and even get paid for your content. I've met one famous writer on Substack, Garrison Keillor ( garrisonkeillor.substack.com/ ), who runs his substack with some content freely available to all and some available only through subscription. Some Tribers already have their own web sites set up (I was using Weebly for a while, but a web site is more cumbersome to maintain than an on-line publishing platform). I think everyone should just pick their favorite and most comfortable way to put their content on the 'net. The bigger issue is staying connected.

    I've been experimenting with Instagram for a few days (just one post so far), and so far I've found and followed 25 Foodtribers. Maybe using a hashtag to identify as a Foodtriber might help connect more of us. I'm not sure of how to work with Instagram yet, but in my first post I put up a photo and then added a link to the recipe posted in my substack account. No, it's not Foodtribe, but it's better than nothing...

    There is the Discord channel as well, where people can still chat and send private messages, though I'm not sure if that will be maintained or not after Foodtribe shuts down.

    At any rate, Foodtribe, as a tribe, does not have to die - if we want to stay connected, we'll just have to be creative... and Foodtribers are definitely a creative bunch!

    My contact info:

    jeannine85f.substack.com/ - where I'll be posting content for now on

    www.instagram.com/ - "jeannine_nh" - where I'll be posting links to my content

    foodcheersong.weebly.com/ - My embarrassingly out-of-date web site, that was never meant for public use... I just used it as a place to store my recipes and share with friends and family. I just put the link here so you can see some of what can be done with Weebly.

      12 days ago
  • I'm far from being an expert in this field but I'd suggest using an existing platform, e.g. WordPress instead of programming something new. It's free, a lot of functionalities is already included (e.g. a search function or a 'donate' button), one just sets the page design and we're up and running!

      12 days ago
  • Great idea I am with you all the way however I possess none of those skills.

      12 days ago
    • Wip! We need to understand how many we are and what we can do together...

        12 days ago
    • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😊

        12 days ago
  • Great idea! I'm in, in any way I can help and contribute to the cause. Just tell me what to do and I'll do it!

      12 days ago
  • What a lovely idea but unfortunately I am so busy in the day job it's not something I could commit to. Maybe start small and grow using free platforms like blogger. Just see how it goes before investing so much time and money. Just a thought to chuck in the pot of ideas.

      11 days ago