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Savory pie with artichokes

Easy recipe, ideal for artichoke lovers

1y ago

Here is a recipe with puff pastry suitable only for those who love artichokes viscerally: there are only a few ingredients so that the predominant flavour will be that of artichoke.

Ingredients: 2 rolls of puff pastry; 450 grams of mozzarella; 450 grams of artichokes; garlic; olive oil; chilli pepper; salt.

You can vary the quantities of artichokes and mozzarella: the important thing is that they are in proportion 1: 1

I bought some frozen artichoke hearts, but of course, you can buy them fresh and cook them as you usually do.

When they are ready, (without burning yourself!) cut the artichokes into small pieces.

Meanwhile, stir-fry slightly garlic, oil and chilli pepper. If you want to use black pepper instead of chilli, it's okay, you won't fry it, but you will add it directly in the pan, over the artichokes. I don't recommend the use of both together.

Stir-fry the artichokes and add a bit of salt.

Roll out one of the disks of dough in the pan. Cut the mozzarella into cubes, then add it together with the artichokes.

Cover the cake with the second disc of dough. Close the edges as you can see in the photo and brush a little olive oil over them. Some use the egg instead of oil, but in my opinion, it is too heavy.

For baking, follow the instructions for the puff pastry. I cooked 30 minutes at 200 Β° centigrade.

The pie is also good cold... but warm, with the mozzarella still stringy, it is much better.

Buon appetito Tribers!

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Comments (19)

  • Yup, did it finally. It took me a bit longer than expected, talk about buying artichokes in Germany πŸ˜’ You can buy them fresh but I'm too scared of cooking them 😊 Or you buy them canned, which I finally did. Frozen? No way...

    Anyway, best pie evah! So delicious! Val, you're the best (I already suspected that before) 😘❀

      1 year ago
    • Awww I'm happy! I don't know how canned artichokes are, I hope they are good. Frozen ones are not bad... certainly fresh are better but they are complicated to clean and cook! I'm glad your cake turned out well! πŸ˜ƒ

        1 year ago
    • Truth be told, i have no idea how canned artichokes compare to frozen ones. Even Italian pizzerias in Germany use canned artichokes so people who run them probably wouldn't be allowed back to Italy, the grandmothers would block them at the...

      Read more
        1 year ago
  • I bet that’s delicious

      1 year ago
  • Wow, this one is for me! πŸ‘ I LOVE artichokes! Will have a go at it first thing next week 😊

      1 year ago
  • Che buono πŸ˜‰

      1 year ago
  • Noooo. Not healthy pie.... Good morning Valentina!

      1 year ago