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Say Goodbye to Designated Drivers at Brewdog's alcohol-free pub

Brewdog AF opens its doors in Old Street, London

2y ago

There are plenty of people out there who don't drink, and plenty more who overdid it at Christmas and are taking January off from boozing. Well, if you want a little in between to get you through the month, Brewdog AF – the company's first alcohol-free venue, has opened in London.

Just a 30 second walk from Old Street station, this pub is the first Brewdog venue where there is no need for a designated driver, you can ALL be! This concept is not about getting hammered, it's about socialising, and this is a great way to do it.

The place serves alcohol-free beer, wine, and spirits – yup, you heard right. Alcohol-free spirits. More on that soon.

The bar officially opened on 6 January, and despite people calling it a pop-up, it's more of a concept.

On walking into the pub, you are greeted with clean, white decor which is utterly different to any Brewdog Bar I have ever stepped foot in. I presume this is to correlate with the drinks being lighter and not the darkened interior of typical Brewdog bars with a red neon light (the neon is white like the rest of the decor in Brewdog AF).

Before making this trip, I was sceptical as to how this bar could succeed only serving alcohol-free drinks, but it was packed! There was so little chance of finding a seat, and standing at the bar was the only option. At least that way you can chat to fellow beer geeks.

Finally it was time to get drinks, and I was presented with 15 different beers to choose from: Brewdog's own as well as guest beers. Although alcohol-free, the bar felt so familiar to all of the chain's bars with friendly staff as per usual.

The beers I tried were lovely, but, then I went to have a look at spirits. I'd never thought to try an alcohol-free spirit before.. Nightcap by Three Spirits was the best I've had in ages. Despite being alcohol-free, the flavour was great; it was rich with a hint of spice from the black and Sichuan pepper. I was gutted I couldn't buy a bottle straight from the bar like Brewdog's own spirits. However, as this is a different brand, I understand why.

It's great to get the insight that drinking can be done without the need of alcohol, and you can still happily socialise at Brewdog AF, without having to get drunk.

Could this mean designated drivers are a thing of the past? I am looking forward for more alcoholic-free ranges in the future.

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Comments (3)

  • I am still scarred by the time I ordered all-you-can-eat wings only to find out they were not really all-you-can-eat.

      2 years ago
    • Was this their Wednesday offer? I've not tried that so, I'm not sure what it is like! Trust me, the rest of it is amazing! Give it another try!

        2 years ago
    • Oh, I have been to half a dozen of those. Beer is excellent, the food needs work. The wings situation was especially disappointing as they told me to queue in a crowded bar to order my top up wings (and they were coming in batches of 2-3).

        2 years ago