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School hosts fine dining baked beans competition: here are our winners

Students in Cornwall have competed to create the best fine dining plate of baked beans

48w ago

We all love baked beans (with the exception of John Coleman, but no sense can be applied to this). A large part of this is down to their un-elegant simplicity. You can have them with anything, as a splodge on the plate, hot or cold. No fuss, just comfort and satisfaction.

Given their indisputable versatility, a school in Cornwall has challenged their students to pivot this simplicity, and turn everyone's favourite staple food into fine dining perfection.

Few things are as satisfying to look at as a fine dining plate of food, and what more could you ask for than the beauty of haute cuisine, with the delicious taste of baked beans? It's genius!

There was just one instruction for the students: create a restaurant-worthy meal, with baked beans as the star of the show.

The turn out was very impressive and the plates were judged by local chef, Tom Hannon. Here are our winners.

1st place

Image: Penair School

Image: Penair School

Year nine student, Poppy Luxton, submitted this simple, linear ensemble of star shaped toast, the humble beans, and a fresh herbaceous garnish.

2nd place

Image: Penair School

Image: Penair School

Second place was awarded to year eight student, Edie King, who constructed an impressive layered beans and toast stack. This was accompanied with a decorative side of ketchup and bean sauce with a quenelle of butter and single chive.

3rd place

Image: Penair School

Image: Penair School

Another year eight student scooped third place for this floral entry. Florrie Groves constructed this dish using concentric flower shaped slices of toast, layered with the fabled beans, and garnished with a solitary grating of cheese and some greenery.

We want to see if you can do better... submit your fine dining beans creations.

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