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    S​ea bass with pesto

    38w ago


    - Got to have a glass of white with this!

    I love sea bass it's one of my favourite things to eat and with this pesto has to be my favourite ways to have it.

    I add parsley, garlic, chilli, baby capers, extra virgin olive oil, lemon zest and juice to a mortar, bash them all up and season with a little salt. This can be done in a food processor but I love using a pestle and mortar if I have the time. I like to think of someone I'm mad at whilst smashing my ingredients into a paste.

    I cut some potatoes into discs and mix them with lots of smoked paprika, oregano and a little cumin, sea salt black pepper and pop them in the oven for about half an hour. Fry the fish in a griddle and I'm done. Simple and delicious!

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