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There are several of us that do YouTube, some have to do with food or driving and some just don't.

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This is by no means everybody on FoodTribe and DriveTribe that do YouTube but these are the ones that got in contact with me when they found out I was wanting to post up a listing.

Jane Fyffe

I am of course starting with my own and it's called Jane's Homemade Goodness. It covers a range of things that interests me. There are some cooking videos, bed and breakfast stays, rally racing, a driving video and upcoming product reviews for a bit of everything. Still debating on breaking this into 2 separate channels but we shall see. You can find me here on FoodTribe of course and also over on DriveTribe.

Doug F

You should already know by now that Doug F has a YouTube channel because hopefully you have been checking out the podcasts and getting to know your fellow Tribers. His channel is just called Doug F. Obviously you know the Burger God is over here on FoodTribe but he is over on DriveTribe as well.

Remon Kok

Remon Kok is also the name of his YouTube channel as well. It contains some pretty awesome animated graphics. He is on FoodTribe mostly with some pastries and pizza but he is also over on DriveTribe as well.

Zahra Shafiei

Our lovely Zahra is working on her channel called the Persian Version. It is going to be a glimpse at everything related to her culture and country. So food, literature, festivals, culture and so on! She is only found over here on FoodTribe.

Jesse Billington

Jesse doesn't have just one YouTube channel but two! His channel Jesse Billington shows what happens when a man with no culinary skill gets a job writing for a food magazine. He also has a channel called Jesse on Cars which takes a peek into the mind of a man who thinks about Suzuki Jimnys, Formula One and not much else. Make sure to check out Jesse's content on FoodTribe and DriveTribe if you're not already.

Natali Eleftheriou

Natali has her channel called Natalicious Food, where she shares with us on how to make some of her vegan delights. You will only find her over here on FoodTribe.

Veoniss Melissa Houston

Veo has her channel that is called Veoniss Melissa Houston. She currently does not have anything uploaded but says to watch this space for future content. You will find Veo on FoodTribe and DriveTribe.

Voodie Vie

This husband and wife combo is only found on FoodTribe and their YouTube is Voodie Vie. Come watch their vegan cooking.

Robin Ho

You should know by now that Robin has a YouTube page called Robin's Kitchen and it's all about food and cooking. Robin is only on Foodtribe.

Alex Laperriere

Alex is mostly on DriveTribe but he does pop in on FoodTribe occasionally. His YouTube page is called Alex Automotive and is all sorts of automotive things.

Leila Lopez Marks

Leila visits us on FoodTribe from time to time but is on DriveTribe. Her YouTube is Fuel Injection Podcast where her and a couple of Tribers discuss everything motoring.

Max Ruse

Max can be found on FoodTribe doing tap water reviews and over on DriveTribe posting about watches, 007 and other things. Max's channel is called No Time To Drive and is about cars, travel and the most famous spy of all.

Mike Ginsca

Mike is mainly over on DriveTribe. His YouTube channel is M.G. Reviews and it is auto and motorcycling reviews.


Hoyoun is over on DriveTribe and wanted to be a car designer but doesn't even have his license yet. His YouTube channel is called Projects of IcedCar&Cocoa, where he creates commercials and/or tributes to popular racing games using Assetto Corsa.

Cody Wagner

Cody is only over on DriveTribe even though I'm trying to lure him over to the tasty side. His YouTube channel is Cody's Car Conundrum and it is family friendly content involving everything about cars.

Cody Hale

Cody is only over on DriveTribe and his YouTube channel is Cody Hale Reviews. It's Cody reviewing interesting/enthusiast cars.

Fiona Easterby

Fiona is found only on DriveTribe and her YouTube channel is World Rallies. Her channel is about overland adventure travel, road trips and rallies by vintage or classic car.

Danny Korecki

Saved the best for last? Danny is found on DriveTribe and his YouTube channel is Danny Korecki. His channel is about press vehicles he obtains, track videos, sometimes beach videos and game videos sprinkled in between.

I hope you all enjoyed this list and found someone new to go watch

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  • Great post Jane! Thanks for all the info and for including me 😊

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  • Thank you so much for adding me and for making this list

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  • Can never say thank you enough for the promo!

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  • Thank you so much Jane for rounding up everyone's YT channel! Will check them out!

      1 month ago
    • You're welcome but it's definitely not everyone.

        1 month ago
    • Of course! But if other tribers want they could share theirs too! It's a great opportunity!

        1 month ago