Self-isolating bartenders mix some quarantine margaritas

Just because we're apart doesn't mean we can't come together to build beautiful things

1y ago

Several renowned bartenders have come together virtually to create a collaborative cocktail of sorts, and they're calling it the Quarantine Margarita.

Bartenders from around the world responded to a call by Ansis Ancovs, a global cocktail champion and ambassador for Rooster Rojo tequila. Ansis wanted to reinforce the self-isolation message in a light-hearted, uplifting way, and so recruited the help of his high-profile mixologist mates.

The video shows the entire process of mixing a cocktail, but the drink is passed out of shot to the bartender 'next to' them at each step. All in all, it's a fun watch, and a novel way to keep the cocktail in the public eye at a time when bars are off limits.

You can have a watch of the video yourself by clicking here.

Included in the stunt were Marek Posluszny from Poland; Mario Hofferer from Austria, Andris Reizenbergs from Latvia; Agnieszka Cieslar from Poland; Stefan Haneder from Austria; Vlodimir Buryanov from the USA; and Clinton Weir from Australia, amongst a few others.

Ansis said, “I’ve been communicating regularly with my industry brothers and sisters from all over the world during self-isolation.

“After about two weeks of work with bartenders from Australia, the USA, Mexico, Poland, Austria, Ukraine, Latvia and other countries, we made an uplifting video.

“The whole bartender community is currently forced to stay home, but that doesn’t stop the work we love. Masterclasses continue online as well as online bars; it is possible to adapt to everything so that after a while we can all look forward to meeting again in person.”

This is a time of trepidation for those in the hospitality business, as governments warn that bars and pubs would be amongst the last venues to open up after the lockdown. It's great to see bartenders keeping spirits high – and yes, that was a pun.

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