Selfridges predicts the biggest food trends we'll see in 2021

It turns out 2020 gave us a lot of time to reflect on our eating habits...

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After the rollercoaster year that was 2020, we Brits have started taking a long, hard look at ourselves and our eating habits, meaning the way we buy, prepare, and ultimately consume food has changed significantly.

In light of this, Selfridges has predicted the six food trends that we will see throughout 2021, with a strong emphasis on food and health going hand-in-hand, which is mirrored by a study conducted by Beneo stating that over 75% of people surveyed globally want to eat in a healthier way following the global health crisis.

Jessica Abela, Selfridges Food Product Developer, believes that better awareness of health and sustainability will mean that as a nation, we'll increasingly seek out local, organic or healthy produce.

This feel-good factor has also led to many old-school labels such as 'junk food' being scrapped by brands: "Imperfect eating Terms like ‘junk food’ feel outdated – consumers are looking to get more joy from their food and avoid any labels that might lead to feelings of guilt" said Jessica.

We may be saying goodbye to terms such as 'junk food'

We may be saying goodbye to terms such as 'junk food'

"While consumers are becoming more savvy about nutrition, the terms ‘guilty pleasures’ and ‘junk food’ are taking on a new form. Consumers are seeking ways to bring back the feel-good factor and shake off the taboo, re-affirming food’s role in routine acts of self-care. New brands are taking the language, flavours and visual cues of ‘junk foods’ and refining them for an adult audience."

There are also so-called 'beauty foods' beginning to hit the market, with brands expanding beauty supplements to include food and drink, which are backed up by science as being healthy or beneficial to the human body. According to Jessica, "the food-as-medicine movement is being rebranded to fit modern lifestyles, balancing flavour and function to shape our physical and psychological states. The desire for health and wellbeing post-pandemic is a consistent trend across all markets."

Following trends such as 'veganuary' and other health trends, there has been an uptake in those identifying as 'flexitarians' with many choosing to follow a largely plant-based diet, but still taking advantage of locally-sourced meat and fish when they feel like it.

Of course, food can have a significant impact on our mood - as recently reported - meaning that Jessica also thinks there will be a rise in so-called 'mood foods' as she explained: "As we better understand the synergy between food and mental health, our diets are changing to reflect both how we feel and how we want to feel" she said. "People are looking to foods to address wellness issues such as sleep, anxiety and concentration. Consumers are increasingly linking what they eat and drink to their emotional states."

So there we have it - health, sustainability, moods and beauty are all on the menu for 2021's food trends. Which do you reckon will be the breakout trend of the year? Let us know below!

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