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Serena Williams finally tries the internet’s favorite chicken sandwich

What did the tennis queen make of the chicken sandwich that went viral?

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The sandwich that drove the internet wild is back in the headlines, folks. That’s right, the now world famous Popeyes chicken sandwich is back for good — after it was sold out for literal months, causing mass panic on the streets. Popeyes has actually hired more staff so there’s someone on chicken sandwich duty at all times.

And if that alone hasn’t got you jonesing for that delicious buttermilk chicken taste in soft brioche, this weekend Popeyes got a pretty big celebrity endorsement.

Serena Williams finally tried the beloved chicken sandwich. We’re stumped as to how this was her first time sampling the sando, but there’s no prizes for figuring out that the world tennis champ absolutely loved it.

The sandwich that went viral

The sandwich that went viral

The reason for the tennis queen’s first ever visit to Popeyes was her second wedding anniversary – and what better way is there to celebrate true love than with true comfort food? Williams' champ-of-a-husband, Alexis Ohanian brought her a Popeyes bag, and she posted a blow-by-blow account on Instagram.

She was almost thrown off track by some devastating news: “OUT of pickles!!!!!” Williams wrote. But she didn’t let that deter her, posting: “But against my better judgement, I ate it.”

The next Insta is Williams enjoying the sandwich so much that she looks almost… pained. “Have I known life before this day?” she asked her loyal followers. If that’s not the sign of a mind-blowing sandwich, we don’t know what is.

Popeyes also made a star appearance on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live. The episode featured Harry Styles from One Direction, as both the musical guest and host.

In one memorable sketch, the singer plays a clueless British intern trying to buy Popeyes sandwiches for everyone at his new office. Clearly ignorant of the sandwich’s unexpected viral fame in recent months, he says: “I thought I could go there by myself and get, like, 15 chicken sandwiches.”

His black coworkers, played by Kenan Thompson and Ego Nwodim, look appalled and take the opportunity to explain the situation. “I've got to level with you,” says Thompson’s character. “There are not many things in this country where our people get first dibs but this is one of them.”

Let’s just say, we’re glad the cherished sandwich is back for good.

Have you got your hands on a Popeyes sandwich recently?

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