Seven Italian beers you need to try now

We Italians are known for our wine – but how is our beer production?

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We Italians are known for our wine – but how is our beer production?

You will be surprised to know that in Italy many beers are produced, and the best ones are craft beers. Today, however, let's talk about the more commercial ones because there are more chances that you can find them, wherever you are.

1. Ichnusa Beer

Ichnusa is a beer produced in Sardinia, but is owned by the Dutch group Heineken. It is pronounced "Icnusa", and the name comes from an ancient denomination of Greek origin of the island. Ichnusa produces four different types of beers, all excellent, especially the unfiltered one.

3 hops, 4 hops, a lot of hops!

3 hops, 4 hops, a lot of hops!

2. Angelo Poretti Brewery

Angelo Poretti Brewery is an Italian brewery belonging to the Danish group Carlsberg. Thanks to a combination of the different varieties of hops, the master brewers of the Angelo Poretti Brewery create unique recipes with very different flavours.

3. Peroni Beer

Peroni beer is an Italian lager beer produced by the homonymous brewery. Since 1846 Peroni has produced many beers, including the excellent Gran Riserva series, but since October 2016 Peroni has been part of the Japanese group Asahi Breweries.

4. Moretti Beer

Moretti S.p.A. was a company specialised in the production of beer but, like the previous ones, it was acquired by an international group: Heineken Italia S.p.A. Moretti has created delicious beers, such as IPA, Bianca and Le Regionali, unique beers naturally flavoured with typical ingredients of the different Italian regions.

5. Messina Beer

Messina beer is one of the historic brands of beer production in Sicily. And this brand too has been irremediably acquired by the Heineken Italia S.p.A. group. Messina recently created the new excellent Biralli Cristalli di Sale, an unfiltered lager with Sicilian salt crystals.

6. Menabrea Beer

Menabrea is an ancient brand of beer that is produced by the homonymous company whose historic headquarters and brewery are located in Biella, in Piedmont. Oddly enough, it is still Italian property, having joined the Forst group in the 1990s. The Menabrea family includes a wide range of beers, including an excellent Weiss to try.

7. Forst Beer

Forst beer is an Italian beer brand, despite the German name. It is a brewery in the Bolzano area, which – not everyone knows – is bilingual. Forst production includes beers of different types, including Sixtus: a dark doppelbock, with notes of honey and liquorice.

Despite the acquisitions, the factories are still in Italy, and I know that at least three of these seven brands are also sold abroad. If you happen to taste an Italian beer, let me know if you liked it!

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  • I shall keep an eye out for those 3. I've only heard of Peroni.

      1 year ago
  • Thanks for that! I had only heard of Peroni and Moretti. Now I am going to look out for the others.

      1 year ago
  • I love the Messina beer, but i'm not a fan of the Ichnusa...

      1 year ago
  • You are very well informed on your beer Valentina.

      1 year ago
  • Great read! I have to say, I am a huge fan of Peroni and an even bigger of Moretti. I think I have tried about half of those during trips to Italy, but will make a note of the rest to give it a try.

      1 year ago