Shaquille O’Neal and Papa John’s launch a special edition ‘Shaq-a-Roni’ pizza

Extra-large, extra cheese and extra pepperoni

40w ago

Last week, Papa John’s restaurant chain and former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal jointly announced the launch of a special edition pizza, designed by Shaq himself, called the ‘Shaq-a-Roni’.

Unsurprisingly, the Shaq-a-Roni is not subtle and super juicy. It’s an extra-large pizza with extra cheese, extra pepperoni, basically no crust, and cut into eight slices so each slice is larger. It is, according to Papa John’s, “our largest slice size to date". The launch coincides with the first anniversary of Shaq and Papa John’s pizza collaboration because, just over a year ago in March 2019, the O'Neal signed an $8.25m, three-year endorsement deal with the pizza chain.

There’s more good news, too. By purchasing Shaq-a-Roni, you’ll also be helping Papa John’s Foundation for Building Community to support Covid-19 relief and fight against racial injustice. O’Neal said that “it was important to me for the Shaq-o-Roni to be bigger than just pizza” and he added that by giving his new pizza a try ”one dollar [for each pizza] will be donated to the Foundation."

Hold on, because there's another interesting twist. Each order of pizza comes with a mysterious Snapchat AR experience, which Papa John’s says is “a 3D surprise”. All you have to do is scan the QR code on the pizza box and find out.

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Comments (2)

  • Those commercials run constantly here... I am always shocked when Italians from Italy ( as compared to US born of Italian decent) eat American Pizza lol..

    Papa Johns is decent for fast food Pizza.. nothing special, it’s the garlic butter that draws me in lol.. so they paid Shaq millions to promote a pizza for charity??? 🤔. It looks tasty if you like the pepperoni in North America.. nothing like actual aged pepperoni you’d eat all by itself it is so good... I guess i am spoiled. My father, Portuguese via Hawaii (most European looking people in the islands are Portuguese) Good food was Paramount. We had a local Italian deli walking distance from my childhood home... saw dust in the floor, checkered table cloths and candles to boot.. the Subs were crafted by actual Italians from Italy. The Pizza , hand tossed and baked in a brick oven. The Deli counter was huge, well to a 5 year old, full of amazing imported meats and cheeses... sorry I went down memory lane...

    This way I am rarely impressed with Chain store pizza.. I would have rather seen Papa Johns donate ALL 8 plus million. Shaq doesn’t need the money and lets be honest, Papa Johns needs some really good PR ...

    Just a thought

      9 months ago
    • fair point (and apologies for my late reply) but then again, I'm one of those people that believe that, in a way, there's no such thing as bad pizza. Then again perhaps I'm a fake Italian 'cause I also like pineapple pizza

        9 months ago