Shipment of vodka made in Chernobyl seized by authorities

But it's not for the reasons you might think...

6w ago

Atomik is an artisanal vodka made by Chernobyl Spirit Company. It's made with apples grown near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, as well as water and grain from the same area.

It's also the first consumer product to be made in Chernobyl since the nuclear disaster in 1986. The company, which actually operates out of the UK, makes the spirit to prove that foods, spirits and drinks made in the land around Chernobyl's exclusion zone are safe to consume. It plans to give at least 75% of profits from sales to supporting communities in the affected areas and wildlife conservation.

Unfortunately, their first shipment to the UK was seized by [Ukrainian] authorities, but not for the reasons you might think.

Chernobyl Spirit Company says 1,500 bottles of Atomik vodka were confiscated on 19 March for unjustified reasons. Jim Smith, co-founder of the company and environmental science professor at Portsmouth University says they were told the Ukrainian excise stamps for the shipment were forged, but he says, "this doesn’t make sense since the bottles are for the UK market and are clearly labelled with valid UK excise stamps".

Elina Smirnova, a spokesperson for The Chernobyl Spirit Company, said, "They have targeted a foreign company" that's helping the very country in which they produce the spirit, and that the "actions of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies are damaging the reputation of Ukraine as an open country for doing business. We still believe that the truth will win.”

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      1 month ago
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      1 month ago
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      1 month ago
  • this is right up your street!

      1 month ago
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        1 month ago