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Shoppers are going old school in their hunt for comfort food

Sales of Hot Pockets, Campbell’s soup and Oscar Mayer hot dogs are booming

1y ago

Plenty of people in lockdown are getting inventive with their ingredients and trying out new recipes. But while many people are finding comfort in fancy modern ingredients and foodie dishes, plenty of others are getting their comfort eating by going old school.

During the coronavirus lockdown, shoppers have been filling their carts (virtual or otherwise) with, as Bloomberg notes, “tired old brands” like Nestle's Hot Pockets, Hellmann’s mayonnaise, Campbell's soup and Oscar Mayer hot dogs (which are made by Kraft Heinz). So it’s not just that people are craving comfort food like ice cream and cereal, they’re actually reverting to familiar brands.

Nestle reported its fastest quarterly sales growth in almost five years last Friday. Kraft Heinz stated earlier in April that rising demand drove a 6% increase in organic sales in the first quarter.

According to Bloomberg, Unilever Chief Executive Officer Alan Jope said: “At these times, consumers do seek the reassurance of big, familiar, trusted brands.”

It’s difficult to say whether this appetite for older, mainstream brands will continue after lockdown lifts. “We are not coming to the end of it anytime soon,” Jope said on Bloomberg TV. “Everyone that’s tried to second-guess what’s going to happen has regretted it.”

Are you enjoying any old school comfort faves at the minute? 🥫🥫🥫

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Comments (3)

  • My dinners have been kind of a mixed bag. I'm trying to be creative and make new things while also, some days, fall back on quick, simple, and familiar dishes that get the job done.

      1 year ago
  • Hot Pockets, the food of apartment living singles everywhere...i am neither of those but perhaps a package of ham and cheese hot pockets are on my shopping list now!

      1 year ago
  • No hot pockets are no bueno

      1 year ago