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Shops are opening early to help elderly people through Coronavirus

Iceland, Tesco and even local convenience stores are pitching in to support their communities.

1y ago

Shopping can be a stressful time for anyone, never mind when we’re all under the grip of a pandemic.

Personally, I find shopping about as enjoyable as being hit by a plank of wood. With nails in it. And that’s on fire. There is always a constant torrent of people rushing about, crashing into things and – most annoyingly of all – putting items down in places where they don’t belong (how that hasn’t become illegal yet I don’t know; no wonder no one has faith in politicians).

The situation has deteriorated since the outbreak of Covid-19, which has seen shops everywhere hit by mass panic buying of everything from toilet rolls to fish fingers. Whether a supermarket giant or local store, nowhere has been untouched by the distress.

Fortunately, companies have started to take action to limit the problem. As well as implementing measures such as limiting purchases of specific products and trying to ensure that deliveries occur as often as possible, several have begun to look into how some of the most vulnerable in society can be supported.

Elderly people will especially benefit from recently announced changes from frozen food giant Iceland. Trials will begin taking place on Wednesday in their stores in Thanet, Kent and Kennedy Centre, West Belfast that will offer the first hour of each store’s opening times exclusively to the elderly.

Lidl and Tesco have also lined up similar schemes, with the latter’s Ireland stores introducing dedicated shopping for over-65s and family carers until 9am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. That’s certainly one useful way to beat the queues.

But it’s not just the corporate conglomerates that are assisting others, because even independent shops are participating in an increasingly widespread focus on helping each other out.

In Australia, local shopkeeper Hitesh Palta is throwing open the doors to his supermarket one hour early to allow elderly and disabled people in nearby neighbourhoods to shop in peace and calmness. Major companies Woolworths and Coles have now followed suit.

With fear around the Coronavirus spreading probably faster than the virus itself, it’s warming to see that communities are working together to make sure that everyone is in the best position possible to see the crisis through.

How is your community helping to tackle Coronavirus?

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Comments (4)

  • They're doing this in Aus too - however it was chaos on day 1 as stuff sold out very quickly and there were no checks at the door. Back to the drawing board I think.

      1 year ago
  • I can see pensioners buying stuff and peddling them for markups later on. I know that would happen in India. Or someone would pay the pensioners extra to go in and buy their stuff as well.

      1 year ago