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Shoreline Dining

Dayrit's Kitchen, a restaurant located inside a beach resort

1y ago

Dayrit's Kitchen Shoreline Dining is a typical Filipino Restaurant. There is a great view of the bay but due to its location, it is quite far away from the Central Business District. It is also located next to a container terminal so traffic mostly consist of trailer lorries/trucks. If you want to avoid this, there is a longer way around the airport. If you're there to eat only, there is no entrance fee. If you want to have a swim, enjoy the beach you can also do so.

These are some of the dishes you can order. This entire meal cost around Php 2000 (Around 42 USD), including the one and half litter of soda and 2 of the Pansit Bataan, Garlic rice, and Fresh Buko Juice, and can feed a group of six or seven.

The dishes is quite straight forward. The Crispy Pata is a whole thigh of a pig, usually its hind legs, simmered in a broth, frozen then deep fried for a really crispy skin. It is served with a vinegar and soy sauce mixture with white onions and birds-eye chilies. The Pinakbet is a dish that comes from the north-western region of the Philippines. It is usually made from cheap ingredients but there are some Filipino restaurants that treat is as a staple dish and is usually included in their menu and are usually elevated from those you can get at small eateries. Bangus (Milkfish) is a really bony fish that is very common in the waters around the Philippines and Sisig is a dish that is usually made with pig parts mostly from the head. Bangus sisig is a variant that uses the fish instead of pork. In this, they serve it with tofu, pig's liver, and peppers as extenders which is a bit of a disappointment as other restaurants sever theirs made entirely of fish meat. Pancit Bataan is thick glass noodles served with shrip, hard-boiled egg, dried fish flakes and squid. I'm not sure what the orange(the color, not the fruit) sauces is called but it is quite delicious. The Coconut juice is served in the whole coconut and then can be opened for it's meat.

If these doesn't fancy your taste, there are others. Meats and fresh seafood that can be grilled as per request. Others include Bulalo (Beef on the bone, vegestables, and sweet corn in a broth), Sinigang (Pork, Beef, or Fish cooked in a sour broth with vegestables), Fried Chicken ( for the less adventurous eater), a Filipino Desert call Turon (Bananas wrapped in a thin wrap similar to the wrapping of spring rolls and coated in brown sugar and then deep fried.

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