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Should vegans get their own shelf in the office fridge?

The Vegan Society says yes to that...

1y ago

The Vegan Society recently published a guide for employers on supporting veganism in the workplace. It's a short, 8-page guide which explains in detail what veganism is, and how to understand it.

..."Designating dedicated food storage areas for vegans, such as a shelf in the fridge above non-vegan foods"...

The Vegan Society

I just read the section titled, 'Considerations to make'. The guide lists a few things to do to support vegan employees. One of the suggestions is: "Designating dedicated food storage areas for vegans, such as a shelf in the fridge above non-vegan foods," i.e. their own food shelf.

This got me wondering... If everyone put their sealed lunchboxes in the fridge with their name on (usually the case), there is not going be food Olympics inside the fridge where non-vegan food does the long jump or high jump from the lunchbox and enter the vegan lunchbox and contaminate it. So, why their own shelf? What if only one employee is vegan, do they get the whole shelf? My understanding of being a vegan is that it's a dietary choice you make, like being vegetarian, living gluten free (unless you're coeliac, of course, then it's not a choice!) or Keto. But, according to the Vegan Society, it's much more.

In the list of things to do, one is definitely already done frequently (that I know of): "Dietary requirement sheet for events", but the rest is pretty new... Keeping colour coded equipment for vegan and non-vegan food, separate prep areas, vegan-friendly clothing like synthetic safety boots or non-leather phone cases, allowing vegans to be exempt from corporate events like horse racing or any team building events like a hog-roast or barbecue, consider exempting vegans from signing off or purchasing non-vegan products, and considering vegan employees to discuss pension investment options with a relevant member of staff (vegan-friendly pension options).

There is a whole lot about how to create a positive environment for vegans, understand them and to act within the law. Now, I want to make this clear – I have no quarrels or problems with vegans. But, this does beg a question 👇🏼...

Should vegans get their own shelf in the office fridge?

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  • No! It's a shared space. That's what containers are for, to separate food. Vegans need to go live in a colony in Antarctica if they are going to be so self centered

      1 year ago
  • Should we have different fridges for meat and milky goods?

      1 year ago
  • Ok, I am coeliac, so I already have to hermetically seal my food or deal with more than just disgust. I swear to you, it’s not that hard!!!

      1 year ago
    • I know it is not that hard

        1 year ago
    • Honestly, not directed at you, just frustrated at the level of “me versus them” that is dividing people. There is a large difference between a preference and a health problem and I have managed to stay as close as possible to people I work with...

      Read more
        1 year ago
  • I give this my profoundest meh.

      1 year ago
  • Why? Do they have to have their own toilet too?

    Those idiots aren't gonna be happy even if they're given a vegan country.

      1 year ago