Shrimp salad

41w ago

I used yesterday's onion and shrimp leftovers, I stir fried them, and added them to this greens salad. I made a sauce with coconut milk, curry, paprika and pepper reducing it in the pan too. Those red bits are dulce de guayaba, (if you dont have it at your country it's like solidified guava jam). It was delicious.

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Comments (8)

  • Sounds wonderful!

      9 months ago
  • Sounds good. Where did you find a coconut that produced milk??

      8 months ago
    • Obviously it's not "milk", (same with almond milk, soy milk etc) but it's called like that because of its milk-like appearance or because it can be used to substitute it. It's made with coconut pulp and water. And it's sold in cans in grocery...

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        8 months ago
    • I know. Lol just something that drives me crazy

        8 months ago
  • Looks tasty! Nice .

      9 months ago