Singapore Airlines grounded flight lunch sells out in minutes

The flag carrier airline of Singapore temporarily turned two of its planes into actual restaurants

5w ago


Travelling is addictive. You start by going places and before you know it, you begin to love the process. It's not about where to or where from, or how and who with. It's about the idea of exploring. And we seem to automatically crave the opposite of what we're given. Human nature, I suppose. In the current situation, we can't really go anywhere, and that's how the thirst for motion becomes unbearable. Which is probably the reason why Qantas Airlines 'flight to nowhere' sold out in minutes, and probably the same reason why Singapore Airlines Ltd. said all seats on its Airbus SE A380 jetliner pop-up restaurants were reserved within 30 minutes. I guess even the 'illusion' of travel will do.

The idea is clever and simple. Like most airlines, Singapore Airlines is struggling to deal with the ongoing crisis, with flights grounded because of the pandemic, and they decided to use two of their jumbos parked at Changi Airport as temporary restaurants.

This is an airplane, after all, which means you get what you pay for. We start with economy, where you can eat a meal for S$53.50 (£28), moving on to premium economy for S$96.30, whilea meal in a suite costs S$642 (£370). Customers can also pay with frequent-flyer miles.

Singapore Airlines initially thought it would be a one-time offer, with bookings available for October 24 and 25. However, precisely because it was so successful, they said they're going to extend the offer for at least one more weekend. The company is in trouble, everyone in the travel industry is, so I guess we can expect more of this in the coming months.

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Comments (2)

  • At those prices not a chance. Hate flying anyway

      1 month ago
  • It’s a no from me. Sit in a super enclosed space to eat tepid food served on a tray? Nah.

      1 month ago