Sit back, have a drink and watch every White Russian scene in the Big Lebowski

It's a brave new world

1y ago

Over the last few weeks/months, we've all been Zooming, streaming, and generally doing everything online. We've had three virtual pub quizzes with James, Jeremy and Richard. Wei Koh, founder of Watch Revolution, has been Zooming with CEOs of watch companies and enjoying virtual cigar smoking sessions with his friends. Tom DeLonge, former member of Blink 182 and current lead singer of Angels and Airwaves, has been Zooming interviews with music magazines about his future project. The list goes on and I thought I'd join the movement myself. And one of the things I've been doing online is... movie night.

Photo by Alex Munsell on Unsplash

Photo by Alex Munsell on Unsplash

I'll tell you how I've done it. My friend and I would choose a movie to watch, on Prime or Netflix or whatever, and then we would press PLAY at the exact same moment and then, this is the key part, we'd be running what's basically audience commentary using Instagram DMs. We'd have our respective drinks, in our respective homes and comment, you know, the usual things: "don't open that door!" "oh come on he's clearly having an affair with the other girl". That sort of thing. It's a bit sad if I'm honest. But, needs must, as they say. So we did it.

Long story short, one of the movies I've watches is The Big Lebowski, because I'd never seen it before. I kinda like it and one of the best things about the movie is the main character, Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski, is constantly drinking White Russian cocktails. So what I thought I'd do is share this clip with all the scenes in which he drinks the cocktail. Cheers.

Have you tried White Russian?

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  • Nice idea, but hang on a minute, you had never watched the Big Lebowski?! 😱

      1 year ago