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Skills for life – why schools should bring back home economics classes

Bring Back Home Economics

42w ago

​In my opinion, I think schools need to teach children and teens more skills for life. This could range from cooking basic meals to being a barista (lots of world wide jobs). I also think there is a lack of will to learn new skills, and it can be difficult in some cases to encourage the teens of today to be motivated. The Department of Education should make it mandatory for all schools to have a class called skills for life (Bring back Home Economics!) that should also include First aid and CPR.

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  • The food safety course should be half of that curriculum. Then the four basics of baking, roasting, grilling, and soup making. Mistakes are the start of so many other great recipes.

      9 months ago
  • I agree.

      9 months ago
    • Im only 18 but most of the people i know dont have a clue were to start in the kitchen

        9 months ago
    • There are some a lot older that don't know much in the kitchen.

        9 months ago