Snickers ruins people's day with Bounty bars

Could there be anything worse than biting into a Snickers and getting a coconut hit?

1y ago

How would you feel if you bit into a Snickers, but it was actually a Bounty? Upset, disgusted, or perhaps (unlikely), overjoyed?

We all know the Snickers line, "You're not you when you're hungry," but the company decided to prove its mantra by pranking some customers in France.

Yes, Snickers released some Bounty bars in disguise.

It's the Marmite of the chocolate world, and predictably, people were furious.

#Snickersgate only lasted 24 hours before the company confessed and said, "We're not us when we're hungry!"

The company did say there are no additional allergen issues in a Bounty Bar, so no-one would be hurt. Just a lot of feelings then.

If you want to prank your pals this Christmas, why not treat them to giant pack of 24 Bountys?

It's not been a good month for Bounty, after Celebrations fans tucked into their advent calendars and were devastated to find a Bounty behind doors one and two.

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