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So long, and thanks for all the fish

To greet you all, to thank you - My closing post on FoodTribe

1w ago

The news of the closure of FoodTribe came like a bolt from the blue. I don't know if it's a saying that is also used in English, but in short, it was painful.

In recent times I have had a hard time contributing with recipes and articles, unfortunately, life sometimes gets in the way. But I often went by to see what's new and peek at friends' posts.

For me, FoodTribe has been a point of reference for a long time, one of the few positive, liveable online communities with beautiful people that I would have liked to meet live, sooner or later.

Especially for this, it is painful and I will miss the harmony of this site.

With some of you we also feel in private, I can say that some good friendships were born, but I know that with others it will not be easy to keep in touch and I'm sorry.

About me

As for me, I will continue to write SEO content for a web agency and pop culture articles for an Italian site called Tom's Hardware, but I doubt any of you will want to read in Italian language.

Here I leave you my social contacts, hoping to hear from you at least every now and then, to know that you are fine and that life is nice with you.



"So long, and thanks for all the fish"

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Comments (30)

  • I loved reading your posts Val!

    I am happy you joined us on Discord

      11 days ago
    • Hi Doug, thanks for the invitation. I honestly don't like Discord very much, I find it tiring. But I'd like to keep reading to you, so that's okay. 🧑

        9 days ago
    • You're very welcome! I am happy you accepted i. That is kind of youπŸ™‚

        9 days ago
  • How bizzar, my goodbye post was so long and thanks for all the fish too. With a picture of the book. Lovely wishes from you and I agree with everything you say. I've added your Facebook link, please add me to yours. Keep well and stay happy πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜

      11 days ago
  • Grazie tutti! It’s been wonderful having you and your support through all my terrible Italian and cookery attempts has been wonderful. πŸ’›

      11 days ago
    • You and your Italian have been one of the loveliest things here on FT. Let's talk again on Facebook and Instagram, let me know about your new projects πŸ˜‰

        9 days ago
  • Grazie Valentina. Posso esercitare il mio italiano leggendo i tuoi articoli. 😊

      11 days ago
  • So long Valentina, hopefully see you on the other networks. Arrivederci FoodTribe 😞

      11 days ago