Some fast food places are reopening. What's changed?

A select few fast food places are reopening for takeaway. Is your fave on the list?

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It's been about a month since fast food restaurants nationwide closed their doors to the public, and although the nation is still stuck at home, scrolling to the bottom of Netflix, a few restaurants have reopened for delivery services.

Five Guys now has 20 restaurants open for business

Five Guys originally kept 13 of its restaurants open for deliveries and click and collect orders: London's Islington, Wimbledon, Ealing, Kings Road, Camden, Fulham and Notting Hill; Leeds' Duncan Street; Aberdeen; and Manchester's Uni Green, Bath and Newcastle. But now, a further seven branches have re-opened. They are:

London - St Paul's

London - Baker Street

Edinburgh - Fort Kinnaird

Edinburgh - Fountain Park


Liverpool - Queen Square


KFC has re-opened 11 restaurants

KFC announced this week that it will be re-opening 11 of its restaurants. They will be serving a reduced menu.

A KFC spokesperson said, “The safety of our team is a top priority for us and we’d never ask them to work in an environment which made them feel uncomfortable.

“Their returning to work is on an opt-in basis, and those who can travel to work without the use of public transport have been asked to return.

“We’ve implemented a number of measures to observe social distancing in these restaurants. This includes placing tape on the floor to create working zones two metres apart and operating with just one person per station and fewer team members.

“There’s still a need for affordable, accessible food at this time - so we want to do our part.”

The KFC restaurants now open are as follows:

Heaton Chapel


New Oscott

Manchester Hulme

Manchester - Deansgate



Ipswich - Cardinal Park

Glasgow - Pollokshaws Road

Glasgow - Great Western Retail Park

Enfield - Coliseum Retail Park

Burger King opens up four of its restaurants

Burger King has opened up four of its restaurants, two of which are in Bristol. This is the beginning of Burger King's phased reopening.

Katie Evans, the marketing director at Burger King UK, said, “We hope that reopening these restaurants for delivery services goes some way to lifting our customers’ spirits in these difficult times.”

She said the restaurants would give away 1,000 meals a week to NHS staff based nearby.

“We want to demonstrate how appreciative everyone at Burger King UK is of their efforts in these unprecedented times,” she added.

The Burger King restaurants now open are:

Bristol – Bath Road

Bristol – Eastgate



Pret opens up 10 locations near London hospitals

Pret has opened 10 of its outlets, all of which are near hospitals. This has been done to ensure NHS workers can access healthy, affordable food, and so they can support their charity food donations. Read more on Pret's pursuit to help the NHS here.

Pret has opened at the following locations:

Fulham Road, Fulham

Old Brompton Road, South Kensington

St George's University Hospital

Circus Road, St John's Wood

Kings Road

City Road

Great Portland Street

St George's Wharf, Vauxhall

Warren Street

Tooting Broadway

Why are these places reopening?

Not all the restaurants are being clear as to why they've decided to reopen, but as stories like this one show us, the restaurant industry is really struggling under the lockdown. It seems likely that these re-openings are part of an effort to keep businesses afloat amongst record-low revenues. The lockdown is not going to be gone any time soon; it's been said that some businesses, namely pubs and bars, might have to remain closed or restricted until 2021 at least. If this is the case, food outlets need to find safe ways to sustain themselves, and opening for delivery, with reduced menus and willing staff, seems like the best approach.

Are there any other fast food places you want to see delivering during lockdown?

It seems inevitable that these will be the first of a number of re-openings – so who would you like to see opening next? McDonald's? Starbucks? Greggs? These are all companies that have offered deliveries in the past, so perhaps it isn't too far fetched to predict that they'll be delivering in the coming days and weeks.

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