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    Some of the best beers FoodTribers have been drinking during quarantine

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    As the world gradually and tentatively recovers and starts moving again, there's still time to look back on the last few weeks – because Foodtribers have been baking, cooking, creating and drinking beer (bliss).

    I'm not a beer expert but I'm a beer enthusiast, so what I thought I'd do is put together a list of some of the best beers FoodTribers have been drinking over the last two or three weeks.

    Are we sure we're doing this properly?


    Shivaum has found the courage to ask the question we've all been meaning to ask: is this the right way to pour a beer? Foam or no foam? Quickly or slowly? There are a million questions and things we haven't addressed yet, but at least we are certain of one thing: Hoegaarden is excellent.

    Summer is just around the corner, yo


    Summer is just around the corner, but, as Simona correctly points out, it hasn't technically started yet. Having said that, she decided to look forward to the future by having a glass (two, actually) of "Last Days of Summer" beer – a refreshing, fruity sour ale brewed in Tampa, Florida.

    Somebody's been brewing their own beer


    I'm a little envious of John because he's been brewing his own beer (Lord's Brewing) – and not only that, it's canned beer which, for some reason, I've recently decided is my new favourite type of beer. I'm particularly intrigued and curious about the Handbook Session IPA.

    Batman beer from Italy


    Well, I'm going to be honest with you. That's not Batman beer, just a Batman glass. But the beer is excellent. It's unfiltered blonde craft beer brewed by Mastri Birrai Umbri in Umbria, Italy. Well deserving of a place in the top six.

    The coolest name ever


    Jonas and the people of Denmark are evidently living 100 years in the future because this is just something else. Jonas has been drinking Stick a Finger in the Soil (Stikke en finger i jorden), a hoppy pale ale brewed by Mikkeller in Denmark. Apparently they also brew another type of beer called Heated Seats. Mad.

    It's darker than dark


    Lee has been drinking the darkest beer in the history of dark beer. I don't see how it can get any darker than that. Anyway, this pitch black beer is called Dark Arts Surreal Stout, a chocolate-flavoured stout brewed by Magic Rock in the UK. I want to try it. And I mean, now. Wow.

    What is your indulgence during lockdown? Feel free to share in the comments

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    • I need to make a beer run!

        6 months ago
    • That Dark arts hazelnut sounds tasty! That's going on grocery list this week if we have it.

        6 months ago
      • yeah that got me curious, I definitely want to try it. I'm very particular with my stouts, you know # firstworldproblems

          6 months ago