Somebody bought a SpaceX ticket to bring hops into orbit and make ‘space beer’

I like this guy already

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Space tourism is the latest craze [for the rich] and one traveller in particular, a tech billionaire called Jared Isaacman, has recently bought a ticket with SpaceX on a three-day space flight for a very specific reason: he wants to make beer in space.

Isaacman has chartered a private flight with SpaceX to send himself and three passengers into space over a three-day time period, departing from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on September 15.Isaacman wants to carry 70 pounds of hops with him, hoping to turn that into ’space beer’, and he shared a tweet to talk about his idea. His initial tweet didn’t really get much attention from breweries across the U.S. so he made another comment a few days later to entice some breweries:

“Still shocked we don’t have a brewery that is interested in making [beer] w/hops flown on orbit higher than the Hubble telescope…and to raise funds for @StJude along the way! C’mon breweries make history and get in contact with us,” he tweeted.

A sweepstake raffle for the second seat on the mission raised $13 million for St Jude’s, and the entrepreneur himself will personally donate $100m. The other two available seats have also been donated.

Would you drink ‘Space Beer’?

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  • This guy bought a SpaceX ticket and we love the reason why @tribe

      12 days ago
    • Sorry to spoil the fun but as far as I'm concerned, I'm perfectly ok with normal non-space beer. Unless that new one can make you fly 😁

        12 days ago
    • Look they’re just doing it so they can make the joke in weightlessness: HOLD MY BEER

        11 days ago
  • Sorry to be a buzz-kill, but it seems that all he's doing is flying the hops into orbit, bringing 'em back, and then intending to make the beer (or have a terrestrial brewery make it). I'd be more impressed if the beer itself were made in space instead of just taking the hops on a jolly jaunt.

    I get it's a publicity stunt, and if raising money for a good cause, then it's doing it's job. But Yeah-Nah. It's not really Space Beer.

      10 days ago
  • Really?🙄

      4 days ago
  • Will this new "Space Beer" be sold to the general public back on earth?

    Could it being made in space result in us gaining superpowers?


      10 days ago