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Soon you’ll be able to get an Impossible Burger in the Magic Kingdom

Impossible and Disney have announced they’re teaming up

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1y ago

Disney is famous for its food. And a few other things. But we’ve heard tell of some Disney fans going to the parks… just for the grub. From the churros to the Mickey pretzels, the food is an attraction in itself.

Well, now vegan (or vegan-curious) Disney lovers will have even more reason to go to the Magic Kingdom.

Disney just announced that it is going to be partnering with Impossible Foods to bring more plant-based fare to the parks.

Plant-powered menu options will soon be available across all of the Disney theme parks, resorts and cruise lines in the US.

According to Business Insider, John State, who is executive chef of Disneyland Resorts and Parks (what a job, amirite?!) said that this move comes in response to "the way the world's changing and how customers are evolving".

He said: "If you look at the evolution of plant-based dining, it's certainly been a great education for us. The resources out there like Impossible Foods are a game changer. It really is something that's helped us drive to the goal line of getting these attractive, flavorful dishes on our menu."

Right now the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida has more than 400 plant-based items on the menu. These will be officially launched - alongside the new Impossible additions - at the California park in the coming weeks.

But here’s the really exciting news: there are *three brand new* plant-powered menu items.

There’s the delicious-sounding Petite Impossible Burger served with guacamole and pepper jack cheese from Avocado Time Marketplace. The Nuts About Cheese will be (aptly) serving up an Impossible Cheeseburger Mac & Cheese. And you’ll be able to get an Impossible Meatball Sub at Paradise Garden Grill.

"The product is both flavorful and super versatile," State said of Impossible. "This product really has shown that it can meet our diversity in terms of complex dining with a multitude of places you can dine. [Impossible] from the get-go has really shown us this is the product that will work well with us."

“We are thrilled to be working with Disney," Dennis Woodside, president of Impossible Foods, said in a statement. "The millions of park-goers who visit Disney Parks and Resorts and sail on Disney Cruise Line each year -- including those who are reducing their impact on the environment by eating less meat -- will now be able to order the Impossible Burger and other delicious dishes made without plant-based meat."

What's your fave Disney menu item?

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