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Leek and Potato soup

7w ago

With the cold finally arriving in the UK and I have to say in a very big way, its time to crack out the croc pot and get soup making! We have been making the classic leek and potato soup lots the last week, we literally can't get enough of it especially now I seem to have cracked the veganised way to make it.

Its very simple, I wash and cut the leeks in half and slice them fairly thin, chop a white onion into small diced pieces and then dice and large potato into small cubes. I then add them all to the pot along with 1 tsp of celery salt, 1 clove of garlic crushed, 1 tsp of onion granules, black pepper and a dash of olive oil. I then stir until the onion and leeks are wilting down before adding a pint and a half of water along with a vegetable stock pot. I then place the lid on and let it come up to the boil. After 15 minutes I reduce down to a low heat and add in 1/2 cup of oat milk, if you want to make it creamier then add in 1/2 cup of soya cream or oat cream. after a couple of minutes remove from the heat and serve.

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