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Spanish black rice recipe: even more delicious than paella

Trust me on this one

48w ago

Arroz negro, or Arroz Negré, is a Valencian and Catalan dish made with squid and rice, similar to seafood paella.

This shouldn't be confused with Black Rice, a type of rice grain with this natural dark colour. In this dish, it is obtained by using squid ink, the star of this recipe, that really helps to bring all the flavours together.

Arroz Negro

Rice with squid

Prep time10min
Total time40min


  • Squid (you can also use shrimps and similar, but keep in mind that the star of this dish is the squid ink)
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Green Bell Pepper
  • Rice (round grain rice if possible)
  • Fish broth
  • Squid ink, very important, otherwise you're just making rice (Here we find it in sachets at supermarkets)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Parsley
  • Saffron (optional)



  1. We chop the onion, green bell pepper and slice some garlic cloves.
  2. We cut the squid in small pieces or rings.
  3. We preheat some fish broth in a pot; more or less the normal amount you use for your rice, I used 2.5 cups for 1 cup of rice (keep in mind this rice is eaten dry almost dry).
  4. In a mortar, we mash 2 garlic cloves with some parsley, saffron and a little bit of salt, (if the fish broth has salt you could skip the salt here).


  1. I used a big pan because I don't have a Paella pan, but it's normally made in one of those.
  2. With a little bit of oil we roast the squid and we remove them from the pan just a little before they are done.
  3. Now we add the garlic and cook until golden.
  4. We add the onion and bell pepper and we roast them until they are soft and gold.
  5. We add the rice and the squid ink (I used one sachet for one cup of rice) we toast the rice a little bit until it's mixed with the ink and veggies.
  6. We add the fish broth, the squid and the mix of the mortar. (we try to fix if it needs salt. We cook on a medium heat for 10-15 min until it's done. (Don't stir the rice while it's cooking).
  7. When It's done, let it rest for 5 minutes.
  8. It is normally served with some aioli or some lemon.

Recipe by

Eugenia Machado

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Comments (6)

  • Sounds delicious but sadly we don't have the ingredients for that in my country. Squid ink, no way! 😒

      11 months ago
    • Yeah, I wasn't sure if it was common outside the mediterranean... You could buy a fresh squid and extract it yourself but dont wear white clothes 😂😂😂

        11 months ago
    • Even though I don't normally wear white clothes I somehow can't see myself struggling with a squid. I might talk to it gently, trying to convince it to give me some of its ink 😁

        11 months ago
  • What is used for this is Cuttlefish's ink, but for some reason we call it tinta de calamar (squid ink) in Spain

    You can go to your fishmonger and ask if he/she can get you some as there is a bag in any unbleached cuttlefish or maybe buy it frozen as frozen ink is a thing, oh and it needs to be cooked properly and never add it to anything on the cold side as it's quite toxic if uncooked, but anyways I would try the fishmonger's option as any fishmonger that deals with fresh uncleaned cuttlefish should have ink bags or be able to get them

      11 months ago
  • Um sounds interesting...looks..well

    If I come across squid ink I'll think about it...lol 😂

      11 months ago
  • Awesome!

      11 months ago